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YUMI Lash Lifts - Why you need one!

If you are as unfortunate as me to have naturally very short and sparse lashes, a YUMI Lash Lift is your life-saver! This treatment lifts up your lashes so that they are more visible over your eyelid space, making them look much longer than what they actually are!

As much as I love the look of lash extensions, and did have them myself for quite some time, it can become quite costly having to get them refilled every few weeks; not to mention that awkward stage when you desperately need a refill but are trying to push it out that little bit longer so that you can time it with the night out you had planned, but then have to go around with lashes that look like little spiders with missing legs for a week...

A lash lift will never make your lashes go through a spidery and gappy stage, and the lifting effect will last your whole lash cycle which can be up to 12 weeks! You also have the benefit of being able to wear mascara with a lash lift which really makes them pop, whereas this is not recommended with lash extensions.

Why a YUMI Lash Lift over other lash lifts?

A YUMI Lash Lift actually turns your lashes upwards from base, making them look much longer from the front, compared to some other types of lash lifts that work by only curving your lashes. YUMI's keratin-infused formula strengthens and nourishes your lashes, so it is actually a great treatment to have if you have previously had lash extensions and are wanting to rebuild your lash strength!

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that a YUMI Lash Lift is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free! YIPPEE!!

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