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Cosmetic Tattooing & Beauty by Jem

Bespoke Brows was born from a personal discovery of how transformative eyebrows can be to how you look and feel. Well-shaped and correctly proportioned brows can frame your face, enhance your features, pull together a makeup look, and give you the confidence to step out make-up free. Would we go so far as to say that great eyebrows are life-changing? Absolutely! From this discovery came an addiction, an obsession, a passion and a determination to bestow beautiful brows on all those that desire the freedom and versatility that they give! 


Located in a hampton's style private studio in Brisbane's Western suburb of Corinda, Bespoke Brows is your specialist for cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, plasma fibroblast skin tightening, brow sculpts and lash services, including Henna Brows, brow lamination and YUMI Lash Lifts.


Owner and artist, Jem, has trained with nationally and internationally renowned academies and artists. She currently holds seven diplomas/certificates in microblading and cosmetic tattooing and is committed to continuous learning of new skills, techniques and personal development.

Jem uses the Golden Ratio (Phi 1.618) to determine the correct proportion for eyebrow mapping which results in a design that is, by nature, the most aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. She takes great pride in her work and enjoys creating beautiful, bespoke brows for her clients.

All pigments, hennas, tints and makeup used by Bespoke Brows are vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

Bespoke Brows is fully certified, licensed and insured.

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